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unmatched in the industry

When it comes to the safety and well-being of your pets, only the best will do.  Simply put, Pet Stop products have an extensive range of both programming and safety features that you just wont' see anywhere else.    The best quality products, along with our GentleSteps training program allow us to ensure your dog will be safe and happy.  We pride ourselves on our "MADE IN THE USA" product line-up and our vast range of features.

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Introducing the battery free
EcoLite™ Plus with

Total piece of mind knowing that Diagnostic Charging Cradle is constantly checking all functions of your collar

DM technology.  The same used in aircraft radios, eliminating unwanted interference. 

Real time information and monitoring
Receive a notification if settings need to be changed. 

Small and light, but tough and durable. And waterproof.
Optional night light allows you to see your pet in the dark.

introducing link



Now there's Link.  amazing breakthrough in pet fencing.  With Link, you'll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will we!   Information like letting you know the collar needs to be charge or prompting you to make an adjustment to the over 1000 available settings

product packages

Ecolite system 
with LINK

PCC-200 System



EcoLite’s environmentally friendly built-in rechargeable power pack lasts up to 25 years. Now you’ll never have to worry about running out of costly batteries. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, weighing just under an ounce. EcoLite’s small size makes it the ideal choice for small dogs. But, just because they’re small doesn’t mean we crimped on features. Each receiver has a full range of programmability, including GentleSteps™, Pet Stop’s exclusive training approach that reduces stress and makes training easy and effective.


Access to real-time information that works with iOS and Android devices.

Pet Stop transmitter incorporates a feature that stabilizes the signal field regardless of the outside temperature.

 Our transmitters incorporate DM Technology (Digital Modulation) into the design – the same type of technology trusted in commercial aircraft radios to avoid signal interference.

Because it's so small and light, it's great for smaller dogs but sturdy enough for larger breeds as well. Tough, durable, and waterproof – made of Lexan plastic.

The Night Light feature allows you to see your pet when it's dark outside

Monitor your pet's behavior and receive a notification if a setting needs to be changed

Always be secure knowing your battery is fresh
with the built-in Low Battery warning light.

Easy-to-use charger - just set the receiver into the Charging Station and within a few hours it's fully charged.

Total Peace of Mind knowing you'll know something is wrong before your dog discovers it with the diagnostic Charging Station Plus programmed to check all functions of the receiver – even the correction.

pet stop™ pet fence system receivers

compare-ecolite (1).png


Our Pet Stop® products are 100% Made in the USA and loaded with features not offered by any other brand.

GentleSteps Training

Unlike other brands, ours doesn't cause any painful zaps on your pet. The GentleSteps™ training method is extremely gentle and uses low levels of correction with positive reinforcement.

Collar Size and Weight

Pet Stop offers the smallest and most lightweight collar-receivers on the market. This equates to unmatched comfort for your pet

Comfort Contacts

All other brands use painful metal contacts that dig into your pets neck, only Pet Stop offers Comfort Contacts™ conductive rubber tips to ensure maximum comfort for your pet

Flash Alert™ Battery Warning Light

The Pet Stop patented Flash Alert™ feature will always remind you when your pet's collar battery needs replacing

Immune to Temperature Changes

Temperatures vary substantially, and this affects Electric Dog Fence signal strengths. All PetStop products are designed to ensure the signal field will not change regardless of temperature

DM Signal Technology

Most dog fences use an AM or FM frequency Pet Stop uses DM technology.        This higher, clearer frequency has been proven to minimize false activation and interference from other signals. ​

Zapp Alert Memory + Lightning Protection

 In the event of power loss, Pet Stop products will remember their settings. They also come equipped with lightning protection and Zapp Alert™ to notify you if there is any damage done.

Wire Break Warning

Pet Stop continuously monitors the underground wire and will notify you if a break ever occurs

TriScan Omni-Directional Antenna

No blind spots or holes because all our receivers incorporate THREE antennas ensuring full 360 degrees of signal detection

SafetyStop Safety Shutoff

 Most products offer some sort of safety shut off in case your pet gets stuck in the correction field but only Pet Stop products will shut off and stay off until your pet is free from the signal.

StayAway Anti-Linger System

With competitor brands, pets quickly learn that the warning signal has no consequence. But ours calculate the time your pet stays in the warning field and gradually increase the correction level until they retreat. This saves battery life and, more importantly, reinforces the initial training and conditioning.

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