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  • How is Pet Stop® different from Invisible Fence® and other companies?
    No other system can match the range of patented, customizable features and expert training offered by Pet Stop®. We provide extensive hands-on training, which, combined with Pet Stop’s highly customizable systems, produce a 99.6% successful containment rating – the highest in the industry. Competitor systems are notorious for blind spots and holes, but only Pet Stop’s Tri-scann®;Omni-directional Antenna offers a full 360° of protection for your pet, ensuring they remain safe in your yard and out of your trash. Founded in 1992, Pet Stop® is managed by a team of industry pioneers with the most experience and highest pet aptitude in the business. Only Pet Stop® combines our genuine love of pets with in-depth knowledge and commitment to technology to produce the finest, most reliable pet containment system in the world.
  • I've heard a lot about GPS systems lately? Is that a good option?
    Unfortunateyl, while GPS based systems sound great, the technology just hasn't been perfected yet to be able to provide your pet with safe and reliable containment. GPS collars are large and bulky. They need to be charged daily. Their signal fields can chage as much as 30 feet! With GPS based systems, you dont' receive an on site support or training and you also need to pay regular subscription fees to maintain your system. Pet Stop has NO hidden, ongoing fees after your fence is installed.
  • Will a Pet Stop Fence damage my yard?
    No. Our professionally trained technicians are experts in clean, quick installation. We utilize the best machines on the market to bury wire 3-5" deep (with exceptions for very rough terrain) with minimal to no marks left behind on your yard.
  • Will it hurt my dog?
    Here at Pet Stop, our GentleSteps® Training program utilizes low stress, gentle guidance, and positive reinforcement, done entirely by one of our professional trainers. With the cheapest options on the market, you will be expected to do the majority of the training yourself. This can put unnecessary stress and potentially inflict pain on your dog if you are unsure of what you're doing. If you are worried about the level that your Pet Stop dog fence is set to, we can provide simple instructions over the phone to make safe adjustments. We want to ensure that you and your dog are as happy as possible. Some other local companies require a full (paid!) service call just to make this easy adjustment!
  • When is my dog ready for trainig?
    We recommend 2 measures to determine your dog’s readiness for the Pet Stop fence. Your dog should be approximately 12 weeks old AND be able to run up a flight of stairs without stumbling. For rescued dogs, we also recommend that you wait until your newly homed dog is adjusted to their new home.
  • Do Pet Stop systems work for all dogs?
    A common question we hear is, "Sure it works, but will it work for my dog?" Our trainers have experience dealing with all breeds, shapes, and sizes of dogs. We recommend that your pet be at least 12 weeks of age and well-adjusted to the environment before training begins. The one exception we make is for aggressive dogs. We will not sell or install a dog fence if your dog is aggressive unless it is to be used in conjunction with a traditional chain-link/wooden fence.
  • How much does a Pet Stop Fence cost?
    Professionally installed invisible dog fence costs can start at around $1,500.00. Some of the factors to consider are number of pets, yard size, warranty coverage and level of training support. Here at Pet Stop, we work with each customer individually to tailor a system that meets your dog's needs AND your budget!

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