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Green Mountain Pet Stop
America's Safest Dog Fence
Peace of Mind For You - Safe and Effective For Your Pet


Mailing Address

PO Box 848
Putney, VT 05346


Putney Phone:  802-387-4008

Burlngton  Phone:  802-846-7395
Toll Free:  800-430-7387


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The Best Fence You'll Never See

Dog Fencing Done Right!


No More Leashes or Physical Fences With Pet Stop

Your pet is part of the family, and we have a genuine concern for their safety. That is why we choose the best quality product for your family, keeping your pet safe and protected. Green Mountain Pet Stop exclusively provides Pet Stop® products, the most effective and humane dog containment systems on the market. Giving your dog freedom and the peace of mind you deserve. Give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation in your home.


Inaccuracy and Unreliability: GPS signals affected by atmospheric conditions, buildings, and foliage, leading to erratic boundary lines. Inconsistency causing confusion and potential danger for pets.

Signal Delays: Delay in updating the dog’s location compared to instant physical barriers. Critical situations might suffer due to delayed signals, risking the pet’s safety.
Battery Life and Maintenance: Reliance on rechargeable batteries with limited lifespan. Risks leaving the pet vulnerable if the battery runs out while outside the designated area, requiring regular maintenance for functionality
Negatives of GPS Location Dog Fence Systems:
Happy Puppy
"Bill and Bruce helped plan out and install our system. The price was very reasonable and the work was excellent. Their service throughout the process was above expectations. Highly recommend them!!"

Why choose pet stop products?

Pet Stop’s hidden systems protect the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe at home. There's nothing to see except your beautiful property, the way it was meant to be seen.  And there's virtually no maintenance, either.  Sure, there are other systems, but only Pet Stop is Made in the USA from imported components. Pet Stop offers UltraCare, the best warranty in the business, and GentleSteps™, an entirely gentle training program to help pets get accustomed to their new system as quickly and safely as possible. Pet Stop also offers a fully rechargeable receiver – the EcoLite™ with LINK connectivity.  This takes training and Pet Stop to a new level in the industry.  Check us out, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Pet Stop® is the Best Fence You’ll Never See.


Pet Stop Dog1.png

Locally, Family Owned

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of your pet!

Say hello to battery-free Ecolite™ with LINK™

Rechargeable receiver with Charging Station Plus Mobile App

With Link you'll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will your Pet Stop
Using a Touch Phone

Bluetooth Mobile APP

The Pet Stop Mobile App Makes It All So Easy! This breakthrough technology forever changes the peace-of-mind you get from your Pet Stop system.


The safest, most advanced
and humane training program

Worry Free Training with GentleSteps

Making sure your pet is properly trained to your electric dog fencing system is crucial. We use the revolutionary GentleSteps™ training method, a new way to train your pet to the underground electric fence without the use of painful, traumatic electric shocks. This method takes the stress out of training and allows your pet to focus on learning – pets are happier and learn faster with the GentleSteps™ method.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Electric Underground Dog Fence Companies?

Golden Retriever

It's What We Do

Dog Fence Experts

We’re here to help. Customer service is important to us, and we desire to handle your inquiry as quickly as possible

Keeping Pets Safe

Pet Stop’s hidden electronic pet containment systems protect the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe at home.

The Brand

Pet Stop® is the most advanced electric pet fencing system available on the market, utilizing cutting-edge technology, revolutionary training techniques, and the most experienced industry executives to bring you the safest, most efficient pet containment possible

Our Love For Dogs

We are pet lovers who understand the importance of making a superior product. We relish the role we play in helping to keep your pet safe.


Service Areas

We proudly service all counties in Vermont, Cheshire and Sullivan County in New Hampshire and Franklin County in Massachusetts.  If you aren't sure if we service your area, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help!

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